Its history


The Tech&Bio adventure began in 2007...

A somewhat crazy idea from the Drôme Chamber of Agriculture at a time when organic farming was not as popular as it is today.

With the Tech&Bio brand, the Drôme Chamber of Agriculture created a promotional tool to develop sustainable farming practices. Tech&Bio encourages concrete initiatives through field demonstrations, farmer and business testimonials and farm visits.

All of these resources represent the keys to the transfer of techniques and performance through proof by example.
The transmission of techniques, practices and expertise between organic and conventional farming is at the heart of this brand concept.

The Chambers of Agriculture represent a local network at the service of all farmers, operators and local authorities, supporting them in their projects.

They work to support farmers and their industry in all its diversity, to achieve the level of multi-performance that creates added value (e.g.: economic, social, environmental) in particular through the right technical and business advice.

In this context, organic farming is a catalyst for the transition of farming and food systems. This is why the Chambers of Agriculture are heavily involved in the development of these farming methods and the transfer of techniques and practices to conventional farming.