Why should you exhibit ?

For your company, Tech&Bio is a forum for networking and privileged meetings with the entire farming industry. It’s an exceptional opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate your products and expertise, meet your future suppliers, customers, prescribers and partners and test your new products on professionals.

Motivated professional visitors

Since the first edition of Tech&Bio in 2007, the number of visitors has not stopped growing. Over 21,000 professional visitors attended the trade fair in 2019.

Thanks to the heavy involvement of the Chambers of Agriculture network and its partners, Tech&Bio federates distinguished visitors in phase with your business.

Participate in demonstrations

Proof by example is Tech&Bio’s greatest asset. Use this unique opportunity to present your products and also demonstrate the efficiency and performance of your tools in real-life situations. Fields with every type of crop are available in addition to your booth for exhibiting your equipment and welcoming your visitors for a demonstration.

In 2021, 95% of our exhibitors were satisfied or very satisfied and highlighted the trade fair’s professional approach:

« Visitors are not just there to walk around. They are thinking about their own projects and are looking for solutions. »

« The demonstration helped us convince the audience...we’d definitely do it again!»