What you can expect


Tech&Bio represents the unique opportunity to discover all the new organic and alternative techniques. It is aimed at all professionals involved in agriculture: farmer engaged in organic farming or not, teacher, student, researcher, adviser...

Organized every two years by the Chambers of Agriculture, the next edition of the Tech&Bio International Trade Show will be held on September 20 & 21, 2023, Bourg-lès-Valence, Drôme, France.

100 demonstrations

Covering over 18 hectares, demonstrations in the fields of farming techniques from all
sectors, with experts illustrating the innovation, high performance and relevance of the

375 exhibitors

Specialists from France and Europe, from upstream and downstream: fertilisers, energy,
plant protection, seeds, additives, crop protection, equipment.

Services: conversion, financing, certification, analysis, consulting, training

120 conferences and workshops

An ambitious programme created with national and international experts, testimonials and important topics focused on farming techniques and marketing. An interpreter service for overseas visitors.

1 unique venue

for networking with professionals about innovative techniques for sustainable and high-performance agriculture.

All farming represented

The main plant productions: major crops, vines, trees, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants are together in one organic venue.

The main livestock productions: monogastric and polygastric.

20 European countries

A fantastic opportunity to network and discover organic farming on an international level. With a view to collaborations, networks and discussions...



21,000 visitors expected

Growing visitor numbers for the Tech&Bio trade show, which is now a benchmark in Europe.

It is the only European trade show to federate a broad, complementary professional audience working in synergy: organic and non-organic farmers, technicians, experts, researchers, students...

2023 Edition Teaser