The market for organic operators

B to Bio

Meetings with farmers and businesses

Are you a farmer? Would you like to sell your products and diversify your prospects?

Companies are looking for organic farmers and groups of farmers in all areas.

Organise and secure organic supplies and opportunities

Processing companies and distributors are looking for organic produce from France; relocalisation and a secure supply are key priorities for them. Organic farming is also developing and farmers are looking to develop lasting partnerships.

The Tech&Bio Trade Fair offers a solution to these requirements. In cooperation with Synabio, it organises short meetings with farmers (individuals or groups) and businesses (processors and distributors).


  • share what companies need in terms of French organic produce with farmers,
  • identify the available French organic products, today and in the future, to offer them to processors, wholesalers and distributors.


  • Facilitate networking and connections between upstream and downstream, by organising meetings at the trade fair and helping create the foundations for lasting partnerships.


18th and 19th September 2019, 9am to 5pm

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